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An Online Open Access Scientific and Academic Research Journal. We are committed to supporting authors in making their research publicly and freely available.

Open access (OA) means free online access to research articles. Science should be shared as widely as possible.

Open science is a set of practices designed to make scientific processes and results more transparent and accessible to people outside the research team. There is no publication fee to submit and publish article in the JSAR.

Reduces the barrier to collaborative research through data sharing, transparency and attribution.

The idea of open science considers it a priority not only to ensure free access to the final results of research works – or, as it is, open access to scientific articles – but also encourage the use of open models in other areas of scientific work, like sharing raw data, or conducting research in “an open notebook”.

The Open Science movement is broadly committed to ensuring that the entire research cycle shifts towards openness, thereby advancing good scientific practice. Important components of this shift are the support of free access to scientific literature (Open Access) and to data sets (Open Data), of open software and hardware for data collection and processing, as well as of freely available teaching and learning materials (Open Educational Resources).

Open science could only emerge as a response to transformative technological change and web connectivity. Open science seeks to make science accessible to everyone, yet projects that are open in one way but not all ways are often derided by the open-science community, without any acknowledgment of the systematic barriers that make open science more accessible to some scientists than others, nor any respect for the steps taken to overcome some of these barriers by scientists who are not necessarily at the most secure point in their career.